SYBOT-1000 Automated Plate Handler

  • SyBOT-1000 is SYNENTEC's automated plate handler that is compatible and specially adapted with SYNENTEC’s automated imaging systems CELLAVISTA® and NYONE® and completely integrated into SYNENTEC's YT-software.

  • Designed to meet the high-throughput requirements and increase walk-away time.

  • SYBOT-1000 has a short handling time of 30 seconds per plate movement into or out of our imaging systems.

  • All 60+ applications from our portfolio can be automated with SYBOT-1000.

  • For more details about this and other SYNENTEC’s systems, visit SYNENTEC's website.

SYBOT-1000 automated plate handler provides various levels of automation:


SYNENTEC_Peripherals and Robotics for Automation_Brochure (1).pdf

Peripherals and Robotics for Automation

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